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Fonte Essenziale is the natural mineral water from Terme di Boario which, each day, can help you to recover the wellness and lightness of your liver and bowel.

The natural action of the spring water, low in sodium and nitrates, rich in sulphate and magnesium, makes Fonte Essenziale particularly suitable for cleansing liver, stimulating intestinal motility and thereby facilitating healthy bowel movements.

Water and its benefits

Fonte Essenziale is produced and distributed by Ferrarelle S.p.A., an Italian firm which has been operating for 120 years nationally and internationally in bottling and selling mineral waters with the highest quality standards.

Fonte Essenziale is the natural mineral water Antica Fonte, came from Boario Terme, in Valle Camonica, at the foot of Monte Altissimo.

It is rich of sulphates and magnesium, has a high content of calcium (70% of the daily recommended intake per 1 litre of water), ideal for the bones, and particularly suitable for low-sodium diets.

This water has also been acknowledged, with the ministerial decree no. 3239-036 dated 30/12/29, by the italian Department of Health, stating that it can have laxative and diuretic effects and has a favourable action in hepatobiliary functions.